[EF – 15] What I See from Children’s Game Now and Then

Speaking of children games now and then made me a bit melancholy. I had great childhood years with all its glorious games from our parents’ parents. Unlike kid nowadays whose their games are contained in a box called gadgets. Ah, I don’t know. Maybe I only miss being a kid and the freedom to run around barefooted. 😀

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[EF#6] Meet Me! :D

This week challenge of BEC’s English Friday is about alter ego. I don’t know exactly whether I have any or many, but for sure you can find several version of me. The blogger, the awkward person and the marketer. Wanna know more about me? 😀

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[EF#5] Glad I Took The Chance

A rather easy but turns out a quite difficult challenge for me for the week’s challenge of English Friday. What is BEC to me. Well, to sum up BEC is a place that becomes my oasis for my English practicing thirst. Other than that? So many more!

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