Real Neat Blog Award

Satu lagi award dari temen blogger. Kali ini dari Ryan. Real Neat Blogger Award. Pertanyaannya Ryan cukup menarik buat disimak dan bahkan gw juga bakalan pakai pertanyaan yang sama kalo gw teruskan award ini. 😀

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Liebster Challenge (You Will Definitely Slap Me After Reading This)

Yep, today I write my answer for Liebster Challenge from Swastika Nohara! Yeay! Another opportunity to write more and more about me. Haha. Read more and more about me as you can’t do nothing to stop me from writing those things. But, there are questions from Tika that are very interesting to read about. Find my answer and maybe you can write your own answers as well ! (:D

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This is an honor to accept a Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Sandrine. Accepting the award, I need to tell you all 7 things about me. Please bear with me for another things you need to know about me as you already read tons of them in this blog. Haha. Enjoy! 😀

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You May Know More About Me (thanks to Liebster Award)

Wuaaaaah, luamaaaa gak ngeblog ternyata masih ada yang berbaik hati memberikan award untuk blog sayah inih. Masih belom bisa blogwalking tapi Mba Pipit dan Mak Pungky berbaik hati banget berbagi awardnya untuk sayah. Hihihi. Maturnuwun ya Mba Pipit dan Pungky…. Okeh-okeh. Aturannya dulu sebagai berikut: Post award ini di blog –> sudah yaaaa. Hihihihi. Ucapkan…

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Sunshine Award

I mostly thank my friend with her whysooserious blog and Kang Yan for the award nomination. These are the rules that come with the award. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog (done) Thank the person who gave this award (done) Answer the questions below (done below) Pass on the award…

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Three Awards at a Time

At first I was overwhelmed, I got three awards at a time. Mba Della the owner of campanulladellaanna nominated me for three awards. What a sweet surprise from her.She runs a lovely and beautiful blog with many insightful pictures. I love to follow her interpretation of DailyPost’s Weekly Photo Challenge and Travel Theme, not to mention her…

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My First Award Ever: One Lovely Blog

Thanks to Mas Sigoese. He writes a wonderful blog which according to him only contains regularly post of ordinary pictures with simple story, while for me, his blog is an awesome place to get wonderful pictures with so many beutiful stories behind. Go check his blog if you want to travel to places you never have…

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