[EF#10] I Can’t Resist Pecel


A late submission for BEC’s English Friday challenge week 10: what is my favorite Indonesian food.

My answer is Pecel! I can never resist the temptation, at least to try how it tastes anywhere I find it. There are so many variations of it, but the one I like the most is the one known as Pecel Madiun. Wikipedia already has the full description of thisΒ food.

I love this particular food since it has so many vegetables in it. Most common vegetables that are used in Pecel are water spinach, spinach, yardlong bean and mung bean sprout. We can boil or steam those vegetables. When we serve it, only then peanut sauce is added. The peanut sauce ingredient itself vary depend on how you like it. Level of spiciness is also determined from the peanut sauce.

I prefer to have this Pecel served with fried tempeh, tofu, and egg. How about you? do you like Pecel?

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44 thoughts on “[EF#10] I Can’t Resist Pecel

  1. Kalau diperhatikan nih, yang aplot makanan kesukaan, pasti selalu ada yg namanya Pecel ata Gado-gado atau Lotek deh..kayanya yang pakai bumbu Kacang emang enak ya kang..
    Aaah jadi pengen Lotek..Karedok..Batagor…Siomay…Kupat tahu Bandung.. Cilok juga… Hahaha

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  2. I have already joined BEC, finally!! Hihi

    Wah, pecel juga salah satu makanan favorit aku makanan indonesia enak semua soalnya, terutama kalau pedes. But there is also another kind of food with peanut sauce, such as lotek, karedok, gado-gado. Do you like them also mas Dani?

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  3. I am a big fan of pecel for breakfast. However, I just learned that my favorite pecel in Malang, Pecel Kawi, closed down their business after more than three decade. Rumor has it that they are having internal conflict. Ah, pecel should only bring joy, not conflict.


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  5. Saya juga suka pecel! Lebih suka pecel malah, daripada plecing :hihi. Soalnya kalau disuruh pilih, saya lebih pilih pecel :hehe. Tapi yang malas adalah kalau disuruh beli, soalnya jalannya jauh :haha :digampar.


  6. Pecel bikinan Nenek ku enak, Bang. Banyak orang yang sampek mintain gitu. Hihihi.. Mungkin Abang bisa cobak. Gratis kok, kalok lagi pas dibikin. πŸ˜›


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