Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity



This week challenge of Weekly Photo Challenge, Serenity, brought me backward a bit to December last year. We visited Lampung and had to take a short boat trip through Sunda Strait. There were moments when I felt serenity. In the middle of the sea, the wind blew with warm air while in not so far distant an island stood silently.

The blue sky, white thin cloud hanging, sun rays on top of the trees on the water surface seemed so serene. I remembered that I wasn’t be able to register anything in mind. Just stood there in awe but then seconds later snapped this picture.

Then I got very same feeling when queueing for leaving the ship. The sun still scorchingly shone above with very thin layers of cloud. Watching this stopping car with the sun above give me a serenity in a fleeting moment.


Getting Ready

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  1. Subhanallah, pemandangan yg begituan belum pernah aku jumpai di depan mata..cuma ngelihat gambar2nya aja hiks 😦


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