Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Wohooo. I’m back for this WPC. After the #31 Days Writing Challenge last month I finally can joing the Weekly Photo Challenge again.

As for this week challenge is about Object. The important thing is that the object supposed to be the focal point of the picture in the frame. Here are mine:

Indonesia Stock Exchange Trading Floor

I was invited to my client’s presentation last year that took place in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) building. The stock market has been amazed me for years and when I left the presentation room I could get a peek on how is IDX trading floor.

Aaqil’s Toy

This toy is called Danil fromthe word Kuda-added with Nil. No special meaning though. Haha. Aaqil loves to play with and kiss it.

Beach Warning Sign

The warning sign try to alert people so that they don’tgo too far and to be careful for their safety since there was limited beach guard. I took it when I had a employee gathering in Bali.

I find that Sunday is very convenient to submit this Weekly Photo Challenge entry. πŸ˜€


34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

    • Hehehehe, bingung mau dikasih nama apa. Kepikiran juga dari nama saya kok Mba. Hahaha. Cuman di entry postingan kalo ditulis gitu ntar dibilang gak kreatip. Hahahaha


    • Nah itu dia. Kata tantangannya terserah juga yang penting ada obyek yang jadi titik utama dan ada di frae foto. Hahaha. Awalnya ragu-ragu juga, cuman kalo gak diposting-posting nanti ga nemu juga.


  1. akhirnya ikutan wpc lagi…, kangen lho Dan lihat foto2mu yg keren…
    spt biasa foto2mu selalu penuh warna cerah…, terutam suka sign board itu


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