I’m upset.

It was just a small thing happened actually. Two police officers with black leather jackets and “POLISI MILITER” embedded on them violated red light. Not only once but three consecutive times.

Not that they were in a hurry or anything. They didn’t escort anything. It was just like they were getting back from somewhere or anything.

It means nothing actually, but what if the ones who did that was just ordinary people like you and me? Someone that doesn’t have the authority as they do. For sure I will be stopped, asked to turned my machine off and get off from my motorcycle and handed to them my driving license and the papers of my vehicle and most likely that scene will ended with I handed some amount of cash that I earned from my sweat. But I won’t complaint since I did the wrong doing.

But how could those people in uniforms did that as if it is ok if you are a police officer to broke all the rules that you set for us?

Just that little thing pissed me off. I know there are good people filing the in the position of police officers in this country, but still, people like those two people I mentioned here help a lot degrading the image of police force.

Can’t complaint more than what I write here. By the way their motorcycle number are 2375 and 2583.


One thought on “ignorant

  1. You know, I originally made my blog to write things I see on the road, thus the name “Jejak Roda”. I’ve seen police officers stopped on the traffic light, way beyond the line, and just ride away before it was green. So yeah, I know how you feel…


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